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"Career Track" Webcasts (career opportunities and preparation)

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Ron Berry: Founder & Director of the Austin Fusebox Festival, an annual celebration of a wide variety of arts [00:02:07]
John Maxwell: Celebrated live theatre playwright, director and actor [00:02:12]
Robert Diamond: Founder and Editor of Broadway World, the most-visited performing arts Website on the planet [00:02:08]
Chris Boneau: NYC theatre publicist - 200 plays/musicals, 189 Tony awards, 7 Pulitzer prizes [00:05:38]
Brandalyn Fulton: Makeup, hair and wig artist to the Broadway stars [00:04:31]
Richard Pilbrow: theatre legend and "Father" of contemporary theatre lighting and design [00:04:33]

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"Tech Track" Webcasts (product demos & discussions)

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The latest technology & products in performing arts lighting and control; ;video product demos [00:02:05]

Coming soon: Sennheiser - a long-standing pioneer of the best in audio 

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